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EROM receives the EDPR Eu-Br Occupational Safety and Health Award

EROM receives the EDPR Eu-Br Occupational Safety and Health Award

03 /04/2019

The company obtains the "EDPR Eu-Br Occupational Safety and Health Award". The recognition rewards yearly a leading contractor within EDPR Europe and Brazil, which has contributed most significantly to encourage the culture of prevention.

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EDPR is the world’s fourth largest wind power producer and it is located in more than 13 countries all over the planet being one of the leading global players.

On April 3rd, 2019, EROM received the award from Mr. Francisco Galván González, Asset Operations Director, at EDPR headquarters in Madrid.

This prize is unique and its awarding assess the following aspects:

      a. The degree of involvement by the contractor in relation to preventive principles within EDPR Eu-Br framework.

      b. Having proposed or implemented effective solutions or measures concerning the improvement of health and safety conditions of their workers, with the result of a significant reduction in their accidents.

     c. Implementation of successful preventive practices proving the effective and consolidated integration of risk prevention into the organizational hierarchy.

The awarded company will be able to show its status by using the Safety First logo during the whole year for internal and external communication actions.


EDPR has decided to award EROM’s project for the Digitization of Prevention through a Health and Safety APP for mobile devices, which helps workers to have a better understanding of the risks they will face in their daily work before they take place. In addition, the employees are able to self-manage the safety conditions.

As Pablo Cobreiro Rodríguez (Quality and Safety Manager of EROM) explained, in 2018 EROM decided to work internally on the design, development and implementation of an APP to assist maintenance staff in self-managing prevention, providing  the employee access to healthy habits, emergency management, upstream communication, risk assessment and preventive measures among other features. Therefore, being an APP made by and for the worker, as a colleague in their daily tasks, which serves to give support, and additionally becomes a process of matching prevention with new technologies, through the digitization of the fundamental methods of preventive action. The award highlights the company’s wide knowledge of Renewable Energy as well as the improvement of the Safety and Health focused both on its own employees and on client installations.





EROM, five years on the ISP podium

EROM, five years on the ISP podium

27 /03/2019

Once again, EROM has been the best-valuated independent service provider to Spanish wind farm owners in the 8th public-opinion poll performed by the 'Energías Renovables´ magazine.

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The company renews the first position already achieved in 2018 and before, for three consecutive years, from 2013 to 2015.

Since 2012 the magazine 'Energías Renovables' conducts an anonymous survey among wind farm owners to measure their satisfaction level with the maintenance service providers. EROM is the best rated ISP from the 12 evaluated ones.

In the poll, several aspects of the maintenance service as satisfaction with the performed works quality, accessibility to the technical team and compliance with guaranteed availability are evaluated with a rating from 1 to 5. EROM has obtained a total of 51 points out of a maximum of 65 while the Original Equipment Manufactures (the OEMs) have been rated with an average score of barely 44 points, considering the same questions.

EROM ranks as one of the world’s top 10 training companies under the GWO standards

EROM ranks as one of the world’s top 10 training companies under the GWO standards

06 /03/2019

According to the recently published Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Annual Report, EROM is one of the 10 leading GWO Training Providers in 2018.

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This yearbook also reflects EROM´s firm commitment to the certification of its Training Centres as a basis for work qualification and homogenisation, turning out to be the 14th GWO Training Provider in the world by number of trainings given within 2018 posting both Basic Technical Training (BTT) and Basic Safety Training (BST) modules. At the national level, it is noteworthy that EROM is the second during 2018, reaching 2.037.



ranking GWO 2018


These milestones state the one accomplished in 2017, year in which EROM became the first company in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the first 10 worldwide in counting on a standardised Training Centre under GWO Standards, specifically in its Tafalla Centre (Navarra) and they highlight again the leadership and company´s on the area of prevention.


To date, EROM has 3 Training Centres: a technical training one located in Villalba (Lugo), a safety training one located in Arteixo (A Coruña) and a third one in Tafalla (Navarre) where both modules are offered.


GWO is a non-profit organization formed by wind turbine owners and wind turbine manufacturers, being Acciona one of its members. It is a worldwide reference and its main objective is to achieve a safe working environment.



EROM achieves the highest score in the regulatory audit of its H&S Service

EROM achieves the highest score in the regulatory audit of its H&S Service

14 /11/2018

This qualification is the highest awarded by AUDELCO since the company started performing this type of audits.

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EROM has obtained an 8,6 average qualification in the regulatory audit of its H&S Service, the highest score of all audited organizations by AUDELCO, a company specialized in auditing and certification, since it started using this type of qualification. These audited organizations involve more than 50% of IBEX companies, with an 6,8 average score for the sector peers.

Thus, EROM revalidates its own record reached two years ago when it obtained an 8.5 score in the regulatory audit.

The rating system of audits performed by AUDELCO allows, along the identification of the compliance of legal requirements, comparing organizations by the development of certain common practices. In this framework, it is important to note that EROM´s audited aspects related to information and training requirement received the maximum score of 10 points. Furthermore, all the audited aspects obtained a score between 8 and 10

 During this audit, performed in October and November of 2018, neither Non Conformity nor Observation were detected. Safety training, under the Global Wind Organization standard, of technicians at EROM´s Training Centers as well as planning monitoring tools, campaigns such as BBS4U, incidents investigation, the Integrated Management System with the commitment of its management team and a new App internally developed by the HSE Department in terms of H&S were key strengths of the audited system.

 This milestone shows the high integration of prevention across the hierarchical structure of the organization, the strength of its management system and processes carried out on the operative, as well as the high commitment of all EROM´s employees with the compliance of the objective of combating occupational accidents.

EROM, in collaboration with CIFP As Mercedes, will teach the new Dual Professional Training Cycle in Renewable Energies in the locality of Mondoñedo (Lugo).

EROM, in collaboration with CIFP As Mercedes, will teach the new Dual Professional Training Cycle in Renewable Energies in the locality of Mondoñedo (Lugo).

05 /06/2018

EROM will welcome the students for training in its own operations centre. It will also provide students with the prestigious certification under the Global Wind Organisation's (G.W.O.) worldwide wind power training standard.

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ACCIONA Service's Human Resources Manager, to which EROM (Renewable Energies, Operation & Maintenance) belongs, signed this Friday, along with the Councillor of Culture, Education and University Planning and the Mayor of Mondoñedo, the collaboration agreement to start up the second cycle of Dual Professional Training in this town.

This training model, which will be implemented next year at the higher level in Renewable Energies, will last two years and will be developed in collaboration with CIFP As Mercedes, a leading teaching centre in the world of energy.

Throughout the two academic years, the students will combine curricular training at the training centre with practical training offered by EROM, which will take place in one of the company's operations centres in Mondoñedo. 

Under the agreement, EROM has undertaken to finance this project through a system of grants for students, who will be registered with the social security system and will enjoy the same rights as all other employees.

In addition, during their period at EROM, students will obtain training certification under the Global Wind Organisation (G.W.O.) wind power training standard, both in the Occupational Safety module and in the Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic Maintenance area. It is about a prestigious certification that recognizes the student's acquired skills and provides great added value to the higher module, a title that enjoys a recognized reputation among companies dedicated to the renewable energy sector.

Thanks to this collaboration EROM will have the opportunity to provide itself with highly qualified personnel, thus maintaining its high standards in terms of service quality, safety and respect for the environment.



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